Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Albert Einstein.

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See The Light



"I have stayed away from a violent relationship.  I would have stayed without Kerry's help."    J.K.

"Kerry is a good listener.  I find that she does not judge people and I always come away in a better frame of mind."   B.S.

"I was wary of counselling, thinking it was for people with a 'screw loose' and not for ordinary everyday issues like mine.  With Kerry's help I have been able to come to terms with my problems and they are no longer problems!  I would not hesitate to recommend counselling as a means of solving problems.  Kerry certainly made me 'See The Light'."  S.L.

Sometimes it's hard to put into words what I mean.  Kerry says stuff back to me that I said without really knowing I said it.  It makes it easier for me to understand me........ if that makes sense!" L.T.

"Kerry Fielding has the rare ability to understand clients from both a counselling and a real-life point of view, thereby supporting the emotional needs of her client whilst also recognising the practicalities required to achieve positive progress.  In collaborating with Kerry in the treatment of chronically ill patients whose condition (or situation) is often refractive to treatment and becomes 'stuck' I have seen that Kerry's input, in addition to a treatment such as Homeopathy, yields real and long-term benefits."  Jackie Raw, Homeopath, R.S.Hom.

"I will be indebted to you for the whole of my life.  You should see me back in the saddle at work, it's truly amazing.  I'm off my tablets.  What you do and who you are is truly inspirational"  J.G.


"My confidence has gone through the roof since my sessions with Kerry - I'm not sure how it happened, but it did."   E.F.

"I've had this issue for years and it went almost instantly.  I don't understand how this can be possible.  I just wish I'd found hypnotherapy years ago."  C.R.

"I was very anxious about coming to hypnotherapy but Kerry made me feel very relaxed and she explained what would happen.  I can't believe how quickly it all happened".  B.W.

"I just feel so much better.  I thought that hypnosis was something that people just did on the stage.  I never in a million years thought that it would help with IBS.  I feel so much lighter in my body but also in my mood.  It's wonderful and I just can't stop smiling.  I'm sure my husband thinks I'm having an affair!!"   C.T.

"I would recommend hypnotherapy, and especially Kerry, to everyone, she's brill.  Job done."  K.T.

Kerry is passionate about helping others, she is kind, caring and honest.  You quickly feel at ease and confident that she will help you make the changes that you want.  L.C-U.

"This is the first Christmas in so many years I have had the strength to get through the day sober, and that's thanks to you".  W.H